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Pharmapal announces the opening of Maison Dentaire 

Maison Dentaire is a shop in shop concept for all your dental needs. With a variety of products from mouthwash, toothpaste, tongue cleaners and luxury dental gifts, Maison Dentaire has all your oral hygiene needs.

Pharmapal Drug Store LLC

Founded in 1998, as a full-service marketing & distribution channel hosting exclusive products tailor-made to meet the demands and revolutionise healthcare in the Middle Eastern Region.

Our significance has heightened with the recent partnership of "Transmed" a global leader; as well in the distribution and supply chain of world class brands with state of the art execution, thus together exploring and growing the healthcare products and services industry for futures to come.


The company takes pride in its deeply rooted values to provide innovation & excellence in the service of better health to all.


Proven track record 

        Pursuit for progress

good health for all


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