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CS Surgical


CS surgical mega soft. Designed for special care following operations, for people with inflammations and during radiotherapy of the oral cavity, the CS surgical mega soft has more than 12'000 ultrafine filaments with 0.06 mm in diameter. In this way, it guarantees perfect oral hygiene during special medical situations.

Brushing when brushing isn’t possible: for special care after operations, for extremely  inflamed gums and during radiotherapy in the mouth, the CS surgical mega soft has over  12,000 of the finest filaments for extra gentle dental care. This guarantees oral hygiene even during special medical situations. Developed in collaboration with Professor Dr N. P. Lang,  Dental Clinics of the University of Berne. 


  • Medical toothbrush

  • After operations, during radiotherapy

  • 12,000 CUREN® filaments

  • Each 0.06 mm in diameter

  • Developed with Professor Dr N. P. Lang

  • Developed in Switzerland, made in Germany

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