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A toothbrush Developed for babies and small children:
the compact head reaches everywhere, so no tooth goes without cleaning. All of this without injuring sensitive mucus membranes, as the head is covered in soft rubber. The 4,260 CUREN® filaments are especially fine at just 0.09 mm in diameter, and densely arranged.
Brushing becomes more like stroking, wonderfully gentle and very efficient. The round handle helps to ensure the brush is held properly and to avoid pressure. It fits into children’s and parents’ hands perfectly. And, of course, it’s free from hazardous substances no bisphenol A (BPA), no phthalates, no azo dyes. Simply brush without a worry.


  • Tender loving care

  • Biofunctional

  • Developed by Professor Dr Adrian Lussi

  • 4,260 CUREN® filaments with a diameter of 0.09 mm Rubberised brush head base

  • Round handle

  • 2 colours

  • Free from harmful substances

How to use

Watch this instructional video:

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