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Interdental Brushes

Interdental spaces account for around 30% of the surfaces that need to be cleaned – and the sulcus must be added too. Failure to brush here is a major health risk. Dental floss only offers limited help for anatomical reasons. For effective cleaning the correct interdental brushes are required.

Why interdental brushes?

Because otherwise one third of a tooth’s surface does not get brushed. Toothbrushes clean the outsides, insides and tops of the teeth. But what about the sides of the teeth and the gum line between the teeth? They cannot be reached by toothbrushes alone


The critical areas are inaccessible, not only for toothbrushes, but usually even for dental floss. Dental floss stretches over these concave areas that need cleaning. However, dental floss can be highly suitable for the front teeth.

Interdental brushes with bristles that are too short fail to fill the space effectively and therefore they have little or no effect. Gum inflammation takes its course – and can turn into periodontitis. Tooth loss becomes inevitable.



Just right: A Curaprox CPS prime fills the gap between the teeth completely, removing plaque from all the critical niches and the gum line – gently and effectively each and every time.


Just right.


How to use

Motivation brings success. The CPS prime, CPS perio and CPS soft implant interdental brushes are easy and pleasant to use. In closed approximal spaces, the papillae are uninjured.
That’s why the CPS prime can be carefully pushed beyond the papillae. With open approximal spaces, the papillae have receded. That’s why the CPS perio and CPS soft implant can be pushed directly through the approximal space. CPS interdental brushes make everything much easier. And because they work, you’ll see long-term results.


Instructional Video


CS Prime

Fine and effective: the CPS prime interdental brush for primary prophylaxis prevents side cavities, gingivitis and periodontitis. The smallest CPS prime

is just twice as thick as dental floss.



As every CPS interdental brush fits every holder, it’s easy to pick your own personal favorite: angled or straight, with click or twist-lock connection, plastic or aluminum. Angled holders are particularly easy to use on the side teeth.


CS Regular

CPS regular are mainly recommended for secondary prevention with open interdental spaces: especially for fillings, crowns, bridges and particularly stubborn plaque. Side pressure is possible from size 15 upwards.


Professional Chairside Box

Suitable for dentist, with everything at hand thanks to the chairside box.


CPS strong & Implant

The stronger CPS strong & implant versions are ideal for the special requirements with implants and bridges. They are particularly effective for use with side pressure when bent into a crescent shape.

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