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ITOP host - Oral Prophylaxis seminar

iTOP Seminar – “Individually Trained Oral Prophylaxis”at the 9th Dental facial cosmetic conference. Held at the Intercontinental DFC. Conducted by our guest speaker Dr. Carla Mora of Chile. Fun day with educational hands on activities by our trainers of ITOP.

There are many Prevention programs around the world, trying to improve teeth health. Without patient’s compliance, lifelong teeth preservation remains an Utopia. To motivate our patients, we need to work with them. Not only to « tell » them how to clean, but to become their coach’s and train them to accomplish very high quality tooth brushing techniques without secondary damages. This is only possible under the supervision highly qualified specialist who knows and possesses effective and noon traumatic devices and techniques.

The guests found out from Dr. Carla Mora, of Chile more about the products and why they are the top of the range when it comes to dental care and oral hygiene.

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