Black is White Chewing Gum

Black is White Chewing Gum

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NEW: BLACK IS WHITE Sugar-free Chewing Gum with “Menthol & Lemon flavor”

Health begins in the mouth – and not just health: Activated carbon chewing gum maintains your white teeth, removes stains, freshens breath with menthol & fresh Lemon flavour, Sugar-free, supports oral health, protects enamel and has all the benefits of hydroxyapatite. Be confident with Black is White.

  • Product Info

    The New and Unique sugar-free Chewing Gum With Activated Charcoal 

    NEW Black is White chewing gum with activated charcoal brightens and remineralizes teeth using Hydroxylapatite and contains Xylitol that helps to prevent tooth decay. Comes in refreshing mint flavor which lasts for hours. A must-have for between brushing for a super every day clean.

    It tastes citrusy and minty, so refreshing. And there’s plenty of good stuff in it: activated carbon, hydroxylapatite, glucose oxidase, xylitol and plenty of life & style. What’s all this for? to find out. Chew it!

  • In the pack

    12 pcs ( 17g ) Menthol and lemon flavour.

  • Benefits

    • The whithening kick with oral health factor
    • Activated carbon
    • Hydroxylapatite
    • Glucose oxidase
    • Xylitol
    • Menthol and lemon flavour
    • Sugar-free, vegan
    • Made in Italy