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Gengigel® Gel: is suitable for localized area applications and the initial stage of periodontal diseases treatment

  • Description

    Extractions, Dental Implants & Ulcers

    Safe During pregnancy, Lactation and for Diabetic Patients.

    Alcohol free and Sugar free product, Medical Devices Class II a

  • How to use

    After correct oral hygiene, apply GENGIGEL® Gel three to five times a day (after main meals) for 3-4 weeks or as advised by your dentist.

    continue the treatment until all the symptoms have disappeared.

    Apply a film of gel on the gingival tissue, massaging gently with clean finger.

    It is advisable not to eat or drink for at least 30 minutes after application.

    Harmless if Swallowed

  • Ingredients


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