Interdental Refill CPS 24 strong & implant

Interdental Refill CPS 24 strong & implant

SKU: 032
  • Accessibility: >2.0 mm / Effectivity: 4.4 mm

  • Ultra-fine bristles with the umbrella effect.

  • Patented surgical wire for the smallest of gaps

  • High durability

  • Click system for all holders

  • Product Info

    • Plastic-coated: These implant brushes also protect the delicate titanium surfaces of implants.
    • High-level durability: The conical design of the fine wire core prevents premature breakage for a longer service life.
    • Click System: Implant brushes fit all holders, making interdental cleaning extremely pleasant and easy.
  • Description

    After periodontal treatment and implants, gaps are much wider than usual. CPS soft implant brushes are designed to clean large gaps gently: thanks to their finer and longer bristles, they are well suited to this task. The stronger COS strong & implant versions are ideal for special requirements with implants and bridges. They are particularly effective for use with side pressure when bent into a crescent shape.