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SiderAL® is a nutritional supplement based on Sucrosomial Iron® (Sideral® rm), Vitamin C and Vitamin B12, useful in all cases of nutritional deficiencies or an increased organic need for these nutrients. Iron deficiency is, to date, the most widespread global nutritional problem. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that about 700 million people in the world are affected. Iron is an indispensable microelement for many metabolic processes. It helps:

  • normalise cognitive function

  • energy metabolism

  • normalise transport of oxygen in the body

  • the formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin

  • to the normal function of the immune system

  • reduce tiredness and fatigue


Daily iron requirements vary according to different physiological conditions. Adequate iron supplementation through a varied and balanced diet is essential for maintaining good health.

Sucrosomial Iron® contained in SiderAL® capsules is an innovative formulation that reduces the side effects commonly associated with other types of iron.

The benefits and advantages of SiderAL®:

  1. High absorption

  2. High bioavailability

  3. Excellent tolerability

  4. Excellent palatability (no ferrous taste)

  5. Gluten Free

  6. Milk protein < 500 ppm

SiderAL® is useful in all those cases where iron integration is necessary even for long periods.

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