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What is Enzycal ?

Mild is now really strong: cleans without injuring and strengthens with enzymes.

Everything that might possibly be harmful has been eliminated. Instead, Enzycal toothpastes support the saliva’s protective function and contain no aggressive substances. The aggressive foaming agent, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) found in most toothpastes has been replaced by a neutral one.

For more information download the patient brochure:

Selecting the right toothpaste is


What you should know about the right toothpaste for you:


A toothpaste should not be harmful.


A toothpaste should contain fluoride.


A toothpaste should strengthen the natural protective function of the saliva.


A toothpaste should not damage the tooth enamel.


A toothpaste should be mild.

The result: Undamaged oral flora which will protect you from caries and Periodontitis. A natural, long-lasting aid to dental care.


enzycal Zero

  • For very good brushers

  • No mint oils: perfect during homeopathic treatments

  • No fluoride

  • Contains a system of enzymes

  • RDA 60


enzycal 950

  • For all the family

  • Very mild taste

  • Double the caries protection

  • 950 ppm sodium fluoride

  • RDA 30


enzycal 1450

  • Suitable from age 12 on

  • Fresh taste

  • Contains a system enzyme

  • 1,450 ppm sodium fluoride

  • RDA 60


No SLS: gentle on the oral mucosa – and it even reduces mouth ulcers significantly

In contrast to almost all toothpastes, Enzycal does not contain any sodium lauryl sulphate 
(SLS). SLS is a highly active foaming agent used primarily in household detergents, shampoo and shower gels. In industrial applications, it is used to clean garage floors or to degrease machinery because of its aggressive properties. SLS attacks the cells of the oral mucosa. This leads to irritation and injuries proven to promote painful mouth ulcers. There is a risk of SLS entering the body through the oral mucosa. Whether SLS is harmful to health is still cause for discussion but has not yet been proved. It is nevertheless surprising that SLS is found in almost all toothpastes. Enzycal is completely SLS-free. Your benefit: significantly fewer ulcers. No controversial substances that can even enter the body. In short: Enzycal guarantees natural and long-lasting dental care. 

Enzycal enzymes boost oral defence

Saliva’s bacteriostatic effect is an important factor in the oral defence Defense mechanism. Enzycal’s unique enzyme combination boosts the effect of fluorides. Another decisive benefit: these enzymes stabilise and substantially strengthen the antibacterial and remineralising functions of saliva.




The enzyme amyloglucosidase breaks down the glucans (starches, e.g. in the plaque matrix). It also boosts the effect of the enzyme lactoperoxidase in the saliva. As a reaction, hypothiocyanite ions are formed from thiocyanate ions and hydrogen peroxide and these have superb bacteriostatic properties. The three enzymes in Enzycal give this lactoperoxidase system additional support and bacterial growth is naturally restricted.

The result: Bacterial growth is naturally restricted and the natural balance of the oral flora is strengthened – less plaque, less tartar, improved oral health. 

Enzycal enzymes boost oral defence

The result: Bacterial growth is naturally restricted and the natural balance of the oral flora is strengthened – less plaque, less tartar, improved oral health. 

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